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The Whales Tail- Uvita, Costa Rica

Sleeping in the rain forest on the night of the wolf moon was a little eerie.

I was awakened by something like the sound of bat wings scraping the ceiling as it circled my bed, or it may of been the wings of a moth gently brushing up against the window screen trying to escape its new found cage. The sounds of katydids with an occasional sharp “peebeep, peebeep” interjected out of rhythm with the other choruses piercing the night air. A deep guttural vibrating noise bellowed out from various parts of the swimming pool, a barking dog frog responded. Howler monkeys break silence as if something startled them from slumber.

Gazing out the patio door into the dark as the moon shone through the cloud mist, I saw the rain forest canopy swaying in the breeze. I heard the rain begin farther up the mountain. Eventually, the sound of new rain on the clay tile roof competed with the other night time noises. A sweet smell of ylang-ylang drifted in with the cooler air brought by the rain, I breathed it in as if it was a gift.  The power of the sounds tried to lull me back to sleep, but I didn’t want to sleep lest I miss this magical night forever. Knowing tomorrow was a full day of adventure in Uvita at Marino Ballena National Park I allowed myself to drift back to a sweet spot of slumber.

Lodging high above Uvita gave me a birds eye view to what is locally known as the whales tail. It is a land formation that is visible during low tide that resembles its name.

As I perched in our bungalow in the cloud forest over looking this vista I was compelled to visit it. Entering the park I was greeted with crocodile danger signs. I did not see any and continue on the 20 minute walk to the tip of the tail spying sand dollars and shells as I went along. Thanks to ‘El Niño’ the water temperature was a warm 93F. Snorkeling about I saw many gorgeous sea creatures and coral reefs.

The day turned out to be just as magical as the night and I let the tide chase me in.

Travel Tips: Pay attention to the tide chart when walking the tail so you are not trapped when the land disappears under the waves. This beach is a national park with an admission fee and you will need to pay for parking. Take everything you will need, once out there nothing is readily accessible.




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