Q-Kids Art Activity

This little mini series is an attempt to help out my fellow parents who need ideas to break up the day. These ideas will be fast, adaptable, and hopefully use things you already have on hand, all from home.


We have a lot of pine trees in our yard and I know you might not be as lucky. A park might be a place to find these little pretties. I’ve talked about painting tricks for pine cones in the past HERE. But if you let them dry out and open up the bottoms of pine cones look a lot like Zinnia flowers. You can have kids dunk or paint the bottoms of these in fun shades then add pipe cleaner “stems” to make a little dry bouquet. Or if you’re feeling adventurous I’ve seen these turned into a beautiful wreath by wiring the pine cones to a wreath frame.

You’ll Need:

  • Pine cones
  • Paint and brushes
  • Pine cleaners (optional)
  • Wreath frame (optional)

Books about nature and art

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