Q-Kids Art Activity

This little mini series is an attempt to help out my fellow parents who need ideas to break up the day. These ideas will be fast, adaptable, and hopefully use things you already have on hand, all from home.


I know we are all getting stuff through delivery right now and that cardboard has got to be piling up. So why not unleash the kids on it. If you want to make it a big game you could even pull the car out of the garage and give them room to build a cardboard world in the garage. Plus can you say “peace and quiet” for a few minutes? Here is a great blog with plenty of ideas from the photo above.

The easiest version of this is a box your child can sit in and drawing a “steering wheel” on one flap, racing numbers on the sides, paper plate wheels, and exhaust pipes out the back (drawn on or taped on toilet paper rolls). You can get more complicated by turning the side flaps into airplane wings by cutting them into triangle shapes. For smaller boxes you can make robot heads to play with. The ideas are a bit endless with this project.

You’ll need:

  • Cardboard, all kinds
  • Scissors or utility knife with parent supervision
  • Tape
  • Markers to draw on boxes
  • Stickers to apply to boxes (optional)
  • Christmas lights to use around box world (optional)

Books about cardboard art:

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