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Quarantine Check-In

How are you holding up?

Take a moment this morning and take a mental inventory.

  • Did you get some fresh air this weekend?
  • Did you connect with someone you love?
  • Did you accomplish something that needed to be done?
  • Have you read something exquisite?

Just like a boss would do, I’ve found it essential to set my personal measures of accomplishment. So think about what would mean a good day to you. Don’t overload yourself with all the things but give yourself reasonable measurable goals that are progressive.

When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.   –Confucius

Your boss doesn’t grade you on a done/not done score and you shouldn’t do that to yourself either. It’s not attainable or maintainable with all this crazyness right now. For me, I have things that take priority, and depending on the day those will change. What are your daily priorities? They can be as paramount as brushing your teeth and feeding the family. Or as specific as write ten pages and edit twenty pages.

My point is don’t say you’re going to rake the whole lawn in one day. Do it in segments. Say today I’m going to get this section done so you don’t burn out. Don’t say you’ll edit your whole book in one day, it’s not rational. Be kind to yourself with your expectations and goals.

Now pass that grace onto those around you too.

Don’t expect your kids to get all their online learning done in one day. Don’t think your spouse can tackle the whole honey-do list in one afternoon. You wouldn’t want those expectations from a boss so don’t press them onto those you love most.

Managing expectations is important during a crisis.

If you’re struggling. Reach out. Don’t let it fester and progress beyond control. Take care of yourself and those you love knowing this situation is short term.

Happy Questing!

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