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On Assignment from Costa Rica

Guest Photo Post by Sherry Rought

Running the spine to Boruca!

Travel with Sherry as she explores Costa Rica! #travel #costarica #Boruca #local #tribal #rainsforest
Boruca, Giant Spheres

Feelings of adventure run high in my soul and I am always looking for a new and exciting path to take. This day we traveled to the tribal reserve of Boruca (Reserva Indígena Boruca) high up in the Talamanca Mountains about 3 1/2 hours from the capital city of San Jose. The country’s highest peaks lie in this mountain range at an ear popping 12,000 feet above sea level. The drive will not disappoint you with lots of white knuckle adventure.  The road was completely washed out in many places on the spine of the mountain and we encountered several mud slides.

Once there we met the local tribe who gladly showed us around. Boruca is best known for their carved masks, and juego de los Diablitos (The Dance of the Little Devils) festival, a traditional New Years celebration.

On the trip down, it began raining, as it usually does after 2 p.m.  The zig zag roads are hard to drive, especially with white out rain conditions, and fog on the inside of the windows. Going through the fiercest rain storm I ever experienced in my life while driving was intense. I was glad to have my handy bottle of lavender essential oil with me, to help keep me calm.

We had a close call on the way down after dark. A huge rain forest tree had fallen from a high precipice and dropped straight down into the road below, causing us to slam on the brakes. We barely escaped without having the trunk through the wind shield. After it was all said and done, would I do it again? Yes, but this time I would go during the juego de los Diablitos (The Dance of the Little Devils) festival at New Years.

Here are some pictures of our day.

Traveling Tips: Do not attempt this trip without a 4WD vehicle with good tires and high clearance. Pay close attention to the rainy season for you will be required to cross rivers without bridges. Automobile air conditioning is required to remove fog from the inside windows. Do not attempt this trip in the dark and consider joining a tourist bus for this outing. Do not go alone. Take your own bottled water, food and toilet necessities. Travel light. Do not flaunt wealth. We did not attempt to drive back to San Jose after dark, but had a pre-arranged safe place to stay that night.  Be real and stay safe!

5 thoughts on “On Assignment from Costa Rica”

  1. Thank you for following my blog. My main topics are health and nutrition, writing and faith; but I reblog often so I hope you will continue to find articles of interest.
    I love the photos. Costa Rica has some gorgeous scenery!


    1. You are welcome! I am very interested in all three of your main topics. I will be traveling back to Michigan this spring to work at my permaculture farm. Currently we have no till layered gardens, but we are starting to build a net zero, off the grid home and a underground greenhouse. So my blog post will change drastically. So our nutrition is mostly organically grown fruits and veggies, and my faith is in Jesus Christ. What kind of faith do you have?
      Thanks for reading my posts.


      1. My faith is in Jesus also–that he is my Savior and friend.
        Apparently I neglected to check ‘follow’ when I last looked at your blog. I remedied that today.
        I wish you well on your garden. I have a few fruit trees in the backyard–plum, apple, pear. The pear tree shot up high so it’s hard to get pears. The plum tree lost its main lower branch from age. It split off, but still grew a few plums. We planted the apple trees 2 years ago; 1 died but we got one apple on the other one last year! The blackberry bushes do well, but the bamboo makes them hard to get to. Deer like the fruit trees and take a single bite out of each thing they pick!

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      2. Sounds a lot like Michigan planting problems, except for bamboo…It’s nice to see someone willing to declare faith in Jesus Christ openly. Keep up the good work of faith…I wish you well. God Bless you.


      3. I am now following your site too! After viewing your WordPress site I feel we may be kindred spirits, or one might say “sisters in Christ,” and I think you are brave.


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