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Hand Lettering Heroes

Today I wanted to share with you some of the people I look up to most in the Hand Lettering World.  There are lots of different kinds of Hand lettering out there, from sign painters to calligraphers and everything in between.  This is my list of my top 5 Hand Lettering Heroes.  I have been studying all of their work and just cant get enough of their lettering and illustrations!

  1. Sean McCabe – He has to be my number one because I have taken his hand lettering Master Class and his work is awesome!  He offers classes, videos, podcast and a lot more.  If you are looking into lettering I would highly recommend looking at his work and trying out his classes!  His podcasts are good for artist, writers or anyone who is creating things, do yourself a favor and listen here.  He also has an online store that has awesome products with his designs.  Check him out at his website here6a01543325a25d970c0192ac0e2b13970d
  2. Mary Kate McDevitt- Mary Kate is one of my all time favorites because she mixes her illustrations with her lettering so well and it all comes together as one beautifully cohesive piece.  She also has online classes available, on Skillshare if you are interested in learning her process.   I have taken her classes and they are all great I would highly recommend to anyone getting into lettering.  You can view her work here.


3. Molly Jacques – Molly is my favorite modern calligrapher! Her work is stunning and she also offers workshops in a couple different states.  She also sells her own fonts that she created on her website.  Check out her work here. About-Molly-Jacques

4. Fran Meneses – Fran is an illustrator, but I cant help but look at her work for lettering inspiration too.  The way she uses lines and color is just amazing. Fran has an Etsy shop with some of her work for sale, and also a blog that I could spend days on just staring at her beautiful artwork! Check her out hereheaderenglish

5. Sean Tulgetske –  Sean is one of my favorites because he uses nature as inspiration for his work.  I love being outside and, as an artist, I feel most creative when I am outdoors.  Check out his website and enjoy some of his free phone wallpapers! 


I hope you enjoyed my list and that you find these artist as inspiring as I do!  Who are your favorite letterers and why?

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