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Open to Suggestions… Right?

I’m not going to lie, anything about performing arts scares me. Ask me to talk to a room full of people about a topic I’m knowledgeable about sure thing- I got it. But ask me to act like something I’m not and bad things happen, and by bad I mean embarrassing.

Flashing back to jr. high… (shivers)

So when my agent approached me with some ideas about promotion I was surprised to see applying to Food Network shows on the list. Me? Nope… Can’t handle it.

I violated my own brainstorming rules with those thoughts.

My first rule of brainstorming is to be OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS and I wanted to SHUT IT DOWN at the word go.

The idea made me uncomfortable… and those uncomfortable ideas are supposed to be the ones we chase when we write. Why? Because they make for good fiction. However this is real life. So I sit here staring at an application page to be a contestant on a TV show that scrolls on forever.

I know in order to grow I must do the uncomfortable and learn from it. How else can I move forward if I’m unwilling to even take the step?

So I filled out the form. I saved my answers in a document and will keep filling them out til I get an answer. Same as querying agents or publishers. You have hit send if you want a chance of moving forward.

So wherever you are in your process and whatever you’re facing that’s uncomfortable be open to suggestions.

Happy Questing!

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