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Turn $10 of Supermarket Flowers Into a Beautiful Bouquet

Floral arrangement

I was shopping at Kroger and saw some tulips and I HAD to buy them! I love putting fresh flowers up in my home especially in the spring time.  It makes my kitchen and dining room look happy and inviting.  I looked at the rest of the flowers and noticed the ones already arranged were insanely more expensive.  So I picked out a few that I liked and decided to create my own bouquet.

You will need:

  • Vase
  • Scissors
  • Water
  • Flowers
  • Filler

How to:

Choose a Vase, and fill it with water.  You can use a colored vase or an antique vase or anything that can be filled with water.  If you do not own a vase I would suggest stopping by Goodwill or a thrift store and find a vase, they will have all sort of unique things for you to choose from.  They also carry vases at the dollar store, its not necessary to pay a lot for a vase because hopefully people will be looking at the beautiful flowers instead of the vase.

Floral Arrangement

Pick out your favorite flowers.  You can create a lot of interest by choosing different shapes or colors.  I kept mine all of the same color this time but it would have probably looked a lot better with another color added in.  Also my flowers are all pretty close to the same size if you want it to be an amazing bouquet you should get different sizes and shapes.

Choose a filler, such as ferns or in this bouquet I used Eucalyptus(it smells great!)  Usually fillers are green you could also use baby’s breath. Ferns are great because they spill over the sides and makes the bouquet feel bigger.  Fillers should “fill”all of the empty spaces.

Tip: To keep your flowers lasting long, cut the ends at the desired length at an angle and strip off any leaves that might touch the water.

When I am arranging flowers I usually imagine a circle around the vase and cut it in to 3 parts(like a  Y shape) and make sure each flower is set in all three parts, you do not want all the same kind bunched up on one side.

It is WAY cheaper to buy flowers this way, also if you grow any of your own flowers you could add them in too!  If you are looking to make a bouquet like this for a friend or loved one you could easily rubber band the ends and wrap in clear wrap and tissue paper or you could give it in the vase too.

Bouquet DIY

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