Winters Final Breath

It’s hard to describe what the forest sounds like when it’s encased in ice and a slow rain is falling. The ground crunches, the branches snap, and the water trickles through the ice covered canopy. What was a path through the woods is now impassable with the trees bowed low across the way.

My daughter kept eating ice cycles that had fallen from above and I smiled each time she hummed ‘yum’ as she sucked on the small cycles. Every twig, blade, and stalk are encapsulated in ice and the rain makes the dripping deafening around us.

This truly must be winters last breath here in Michigan. I’m glad to see it showing the beautiful side of each thing it engulfs. So long winter we will see you next round.

2 thoughts on “Winters Final Breath”

  1. Beautiful! We are spectators to this grand scheme of seasons, and new life. Helpless because we are not in control of it. He is. My Adonai!


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