DIY Birdhouse for Free

Taking a walk through our local park my toddler found several types of pinecones and soon my coat pockets were brimming with them. Like special rocks you can't toss a good pinecone. To pacify my toddler we took her found treasure and a couple other items and made an adorable bird house with viewing window to… Continue reading DIY Birdhouse for Free

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Forcing Spring-How to start bulbs inside

Forcing bulbs in the dead of winter is a rewarding and pleasant way to bring a little spring into the house months early. To do this isn't hard work, for the bulbs have all the nutrients they need to bloom stored inside of them. I love Spring, and all the sights and smells that go with it. My… Continue reading Forcing Spring-How to start bulbs inside


To till or not to till, that is the question

I have been gardening all my life, starting early on my parents farm. It isn't easy, and it is a lot of work no matter how you decide to do it. I have had gardens using conventional tilling, in raised beds with purchased soil, and the no-till layered way.  Last season I shared with you my start of a… Continue reading To till or not to till, that is the question


Winters Final Breath

It’s hard to describe what the forest sounds like when it’s encased in ice and a slow rain is falling. The ground crunches, the branches snap, and the water trickles through the ice covered canopy. What was a path through the woods is now impassable with the trees bowed low across the way. My daughter… Continue reading Winters Final Breath

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Naturescaping-Making a living Hedgerow

My piece of land lies before me. It is intimidating to say the least, to think that I can alter it to my own design or un-design. This is a scary prospect, indeed, but not so scary as a blank piece of linen watercolor paper. So crisp and white. Would I ruin it with the… Continue reading Naturescaping-Making a living Hedgerow

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Geocaching Fun

While I do love a good spring time walk, it can get a bit drab this time of year. In Michigan, the trees are starting to bud and the mud is inescapable as the snow melts. To spice up your walk, especially with kids, you can do a bit of geocaching along your route. Here's… Continue reading Geocaching Fun