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Q-Kids: Investigating Seeds

While some people’s goal with gardens is to store up food. Mine has been to teach our kids where food comes from, how it grows, and how yummy it is.

As the season starts producing food the question comes up about seeds. My kids wonder, can we eat them? What happens if we don’t? After explaining a little about the life cycle of plants (if you’re looking for guidance here is a list of books to consider) we decided we wanted to save some of our seeds this year.

My kids love all the different styles and looks of seeds. From the striped dill seeds, Frisbee-like hollyhock seeds, the itty-bitty lettuce seeds, and the jumbo sunflower seeds. Each one is unique. We used a magnifying glass to look at the differences. We also talked about what the seeds are carried in whether it’s a pod like peas, beans and lupines. Or if it’s in a sack like hollyhocks. Some seeds are on the outside like sunflowers or on the inside like peppers. Some seeds were slimy like tomatoes, others sticky and some feathery like zinnias. The variety is endless.

“Be like seeds; do not see dirt thrown at you as your enemy, but as ground to grow.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo

I’ve talked about saving seeds before and this time we found a new way to save our seeds. We picked up some fun stamps and sealed an envelope. We then cut that envelope in half and decorated each half for our seeds to be saved in. After filling each pocket we sealed the open with with some tape.

What seeds would you like to save this year?

Happy Questing!

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