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Seed Saver

Gardening is very close to my heart. It combines nurturing and creation in a whole new way. After my flowers have bloomed for the summer and fall comes around they begin to go dormant. Producing new attractions in the form of seed pods. Whether it is the center of the sunflower head, round pods of Iris and Poppy, or the delicate balloons of Marshmallow.

How do I inexpensively make my garden grow? By saving the seeds for next year. There are several ways to do this; however, I want to address the very small seeds- like poppy, yarrow, and marshmallow. Seeds that are small enough you can’t hardly pick them up without a wet finger.

Here are is my way to save those seeds without all the pods and debris that comes with them.
1. Get a sandwich bag, something that zips closed and go out to the garden to collect your pods.
2. I’m not concerned with getting the seeds out at this point. I just want to get the whole pod to make sure I don’t loose any to the birds, wind, or rain.Seed Saving
Tip: Make a new bag for each type of plant so you can keep them separate for identification and replanting in the spring.
3. After you have all your pods, zip the bag up removing the majority of air.
4. Now the fun part. Rough it up. I like to place the bag between my hands and rub back and forth causing all the pods to break open and debris to come free from the seeds.
5. Take your final seed packs and write the type of plant and year on it.
6. Carefully cut the bottom corner of the zipped bag just big enough for the seeds to fit through.Seed Saving
7. Now tip the open corner into your prepared envelopes and let the seeds fall in, leaving the rest of the pod casings still in the bag and too big to fit through your hole.
8. Seal up the packet with tape and store in a cool dry place.

What seeds have you been able to save this year?




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