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DIY Hand Lettered Globe

DIY: Hand Lettered Globe

My inspiration for this piece was from a globe that Anthropologie sells.  Its so CUTE! The first time I saw these globes, I just whispered to myself “someday”.  I said that because someday I want to be able to create stuff as cool as this, and someday afford items as expensive as this to put in my home. 


I thought this would be an awesome and fun DIY project.  Because it seemed straightforward and easier than most DIY projects.  I’m all about simple projects, I really can get overwhelmed when doing a DIY project so I usually stick to the simple ones.

My sister gave me an old globe that she didn’t want anymore and I thought this is a great time to try out this project.

Here is my finished product:



Acrylic Paint ( I used a Blush Pink color, you can use whatever color you would like)



Chalk Paint Marker


I did three coats of the paint all over the globe.  After it was dry, I took the chalk and laid out what I wanted the lettering to look like and added in the roses and leaves to make a decoration around the words.  I had just the lettering first and it just seemed so bare so I wanted to add something fun to it so I went with flowers.  You could do any type of decoration around the lettering.  Also any quote you would like to use would work, I chose a small phrase that my client would like, shorter quotes are easy to tackle for a beginner like me.  

Tip: it’s really hard to draw on a sphere so use a ruler(a bendable one) to get your design centered!

After I had the design all laid out in chalk, I took my fancy chalk marker(that I bought at Walmart :P) and used that to fill everything in.  I like the chalk markers because they go on really smooth and I am used to using a pen rather than a brush.  If you are more comfortable with painting the letters on, have at it.  You can also seal it with some type of spray sealant if you want.

I have also tried this with a mini globe it was maybe a 6 inch in diameter and it was really hard to do something that small.  I keep it in the back window of my car because I’m not too fond of it but i also don’t want to throw it away.   I would stick to the bigger globes, they make a better statement anyways and are a great pop of color in a room.  

I think the globe turned out great and it was a super fun project.   It took me two days to make because I let the paint dry over night, but it probably could be done quicker if you are rushed for time.  


I have one other globe that I am going to do lettering on, I think I am going to make a wedding decoration with it.  Probably some cheesy love quote like “you complete me:” If you have an idea for a quote let me know in the comments! If you create a globe let me see it, link to it so I can see what you created!

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