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Wand Making

Can’t wait for the new JK Rowling film “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?”  Get ready by making your own custom wand! I’ve made several for a Harry Potter movie marathon party, they were a huge hit with all of my guests.

Skeptical? It’s easier than you think. Here are the steps I took to make a ‘base model’ the fun part is customizing them any way you want.

  1. Start with a ‘base’ stick. It can be a litteral stick from the woods if you want. I happened to buy a set of 12” wooden sticks from my craft store so I had a bunch to start with.
    Tip: While at the craft store stock up on hot glue sticks, you will need a lot.
  2. Next build up your handle area. Get out your hot glue gun and either use layers of glue, beads, or twine to make a handle so you can tell which end is the point.
  3. Here’s where you can get creative. I used scrape wire, chain, twine, shells, mismatched beads. Anything that would create a neat texture when pressed into the glue. The options are endless. Check out our Pinterest page for more ideas. PINTEREST
    Tip: Use the hot tip of your glue gun to smooth the hot glue down the length of the stick. This gives you a bumpy texture to the wand so you can’t tell it’s a premade stick.
  4. Next paint the hot glue areas. You can let the beads, shells, or chain show through where you want to. Or paint it all to give a consistent look.
    Tip: This can get messy so be sure to use newspaper to protect your workspace.
  5. Once you have finished the wand customization paint the whole peice with a clear (I like the matt finish) sealer coat. This keeps your paint from chipping and a smooth consistent appearence to all the peices.

How did your wand turn out? Were you able to make just one? I know I couldn’t.

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