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DIY Cat Toy

I have a cat of unbelievable fluffiness. A happy problem really.

To keep her royal fluffiness content she must have a few toys. Alas, the plastic ones from the store quickly break from overuse and general excitement. The feathers get ripped out the plastic handles get stepped on and snap. What’s a cat owner to do? Make our own toys of course!

I’m going to mimick a stick and string toy. We’ve broken four of these so far and I’m sick of spending money on them. You will need:

  • Handle- you can use a stick you found but I’m using a 14″ dowel piece I had left over from a different DIY (Wand Making).
  • Stretchy string. Make this as long as you want to depending on your cat’s preferences.
  • Fabric with fluff or a ‘body’ piece. I’m using a wooden spool.
  • Feathers, extra string, beads for the ‘tail’ of the toy.

Ready? Lets get crafting! Here’s a slideshow of all the steps I did for this toy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  1. Attach your string to the end of your dowel. Make this as secure as you can. I’m going to add a bit of glue to keep it in place. Queen Fluffy can get a bit violent with her toys.
  2. Craft your end toy. Using the fabric, fluff and feathers create a little ‘mouse’ to add to the end of your string. My cat could care less what it looks like as long as it gets to chase and catch it so don’t be overly concerned with this part. You could even reuse an extra stringless toy if you wanted to save a step.
  3. Attach your toy to the string end. Make sure it’s secure. My cat is not gentle and I’m sure your’s won’t be either.
  4. Play time!


1 thought on “DIY Cat Toy”

  1. Cute! I am always glad to see people making their own stuff. We need more young people like yourself making the things they consume. Thanks for sharing and recycling items you had on hand out of natural materials. My motto is….”say NO to plastics” and you did that also! Love it!

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