A Harry Potter House Party

I love to entertain but sometimes I get a tad bit carried away. So when I had the thought to throw a Harry Potter themed party just for giggles I had to set myself a limit, and stick to it!

For me, a die-hard DIYer, the Décor is my bread and butter area. But on a budget well that’s a little bit trickier. So here it goes:

  • My living room is full of bookshelves and a piece of string with a  “Restricted” sign works as décor for that wall.
  • The hallway to the bathroom I took fishing line and made paper keys with wings and hung them from the ceiling.
  • A small folded notecard reading “Invisibility Cloaks: Please take one” and set on the coffee table adds a small giggle without adding to the budget.
  • A round cut out 9 3/4 goes on my front door so guests know they’ve made it to the right place.
  • Having the movie playing on TV lets anyone jump right into the show.
  • Encourage guests to dress up for the event.
  • A sorting hat using Origami to find your house. More paper and time.
  • An old dance trophy I took apart to use as a “House Cup” trophy.
  • Total Cost: A couple hours and craft supplies I had on hand about $15

For the Activities I’m again going back to my DIY roots:

  • Wand making- to learn how see my prior post.
  • Potions making- bath bombs, salts, and headache balm are all projects I’ve made before and have supplies on hand for. See each link for those how-toos.
  • Let guests use the Origami sorting hat you made to find there house.
  • Total Cost: $20 in stuff I have on hand


For the Food it’s all about the labels:

  • Witches Brew: hot apple cider with cinnamon
  • Any Flavor Beans: Jelly beans in a dish is enough to get the idea.
  • Edible golden snitches: using the same little wings you made for the décor keys attach them to the tops of golden chocolates.
  • Fluffy’s puppy chow with peppermint.
  • oger Overbites: Apple slices with peanut butter and yogurt raisins for teeth.
  • Total Cost: $25

Processed with Rookie Cam

My invites I sent out through Facebook costing me nothing but here is the language I used:

I solemnly swear I’m up to no good! I’ve got Snape’s potion book and a stack of wands ready to make. Find out which Hogwarts House you’re in and mingle with other Harry Potter fans for a fun night! Wear your Hogwarts swag if you want and park your brooms in the lawn.

So I’m all in for about $50 and this is going to be one epic night! I hope these ideas get your mind humming with inspiration for your next house party.

Happy Questing!



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