Fallen Leaves & Fire Pits

I’ve been wanting a fire pit in our yard for a few years now.

I love s’mores and even though it will be a pain to get the marshmallow off my toddlers face, hands, and hair the memories of a fire pit will be worth it.

There is a spot deep in our woods but it seemed too risky to add fire to an area surrounded by dry leaves. So when my husband sold some equipment this summer he inadvertently opened up a new yard space.

After exploring the area with my toddler I found the perfect pair of oaks (hidden behind brush) right on the edge of the property that will work for a hammock (my toddler’s newest obsession).


Let the work begin! Raking leaves, clearing brush, removing junk, it all had to go.

A collection of field stones transformed into a fire pit. Repurposed cinderblocks and railroad ties became seats. Old sawhorses and planks became a makeshift table and all that brush is now fire kindeling.


All that’s left is to grow the grass and enjoy each moment of marshmallow goodness.


What fall projects are in the works at your place?

Happy Questing!

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