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5 Ways Kids Books Are Like Jelly

Have you ever made jelly or another type of preserve? It takes more than a recipe to get the results you want and kids books are very similar. Here's how: Recipe like Voice- To make jelly you need a recipe and the first few times I'd recommend sticking to it. However, now that I've made… Continue reading 5 Ways Kids Books Are Like Jelly

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Raspberry Hedge How To

Earlier this spring an acquaintance advised they were removing an entire row of raspberries from their garden. At $10-$20 a plant at any nursery I grabbed my shovel and invited myself over on digging day. I'd stashed my toddlers kiddy pool in the trunk and within the hour I had it full of baby raspberry bushes.… Continue reading Raspberry Hedge How To


Plum Jam

I went to my local fruit stand and bought 6lbs of plums because they were so affordable! Then I had to think about what I would make out of them. I decided to make some jam, however I have never made plum jam before. This is a super simple way to make jam if you… Continue reading Plum Jam