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Roasted Tomatoes

Our garden has more jumbo cherry tomatoes than we hardly know what to do with this year. So to keep things going all winter long we spent some time roasting them up. What I love about preserving my own food is having full creative licence over it. If I don't like how it's turning out… Continue reading Roasted Tomatoes

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DIY Veggie Bag

You pick out your veggies and put them in a bag. Which then goes into the grocery bag. When you get home you put that first bag into a garbage bag. At this point I'm feeling like I'm being punked. What's the point of all the bags and can I change it? I know veggies… Continue reading DIY Veggie Bag

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The Call!

I know I'm deviating from my regularly scheduled day but I can't contain my excitement! I HAVE AN AGENT! I saw a #MSWL post asking for a kids cookbook proposal and freaked out. I've watched the #MSWL feed for three years and no one has ever asked for a kids cookbook. So I jumped on… Continue reading The Call!


Go nuts: Make nut flour and butter for healthier holidays

Making peanut butter is boring. It takes way too long in my blender and it's a mess to clean up. But it's absolutely delicious! It's hard not to enjoy a spoonful once your blender is done hating you. Baking, on the other hand, is way more fun. I usually get flour and some syrupy mixture… Continue reading Go nuts: Make nut flour and butter for healthier holidays

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5 Ways Kids Books Are Like Jelly

Have you ever made jelly or another type of preserve? It takes more than a recipe to get the results you want and kids books are very similar. Here's how: Recipe like Voice- To make jelly you need a recipe and the first few times I'd recommend sticking to it. However, now that I've made… Continue reading 5 Ways Kids Books Are Like Jelly

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Protein smoothie without protein powder

When I crush a workout first thing in the morning, I feel awesome. And sweaty. And famished. When I don’t have time to break out the eggs and make an omelette, I break out my blender. I love my morning post-workout smoothies. My favorite smoothie involves chocolate protein powder, cocoa powder, and peanut butter. YUM!… Continue reading Protein smoothie without protein powder

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A coffee creamer lover’s dream

Fat is good for you. Read that again and internalize it. Fat is good for you. I’m not a nutritionist, but I’ve learned a lot from reading and listening to nutritionists' work. After listening to Dishing Up Nutrition, a podcast by Nutritional Weight & Wellness, I’ve learned a lot about what is good for our… Continue reading A coffee creamer lover’s dream

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My Favorite Kitchen Tools

Since being in culinary school I have found some great kitchen tools that I love and I wanted to share with you.  Here are five things that I use often in my kitchen. Chefs Knife You need to have a sharp chefs knife, I use mine almost always along with my pairing knife.  Stick with… Continue reading My Favorite Kitchen Tools

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Homemade Eclairs

In class this week we made eclairs so Id thought Id share the process so you could try them out too! They are super fun to make and are DELICIOUS! Ingredients for Eclairs Water 10 oz. Butter 4 oz. Sugar  1 tsp. Salt 1 tsp. Bread flour  6 oz. Eggs 6 oz. Ingredients for Pastry Cream Milk 16oz Sugar… Continue reading Homemade Eclairs

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Basil Oil Recipe

Ingredients 2 bunches of basil Boiling water Ice bath Oil strainer with cheese cloth or fine mesh strainer Oil container How To Take your basil, leave it whole on the stems, the stems will add color and some flavor to the oil.  Blanch the basil for 20 seconds in boiling water and then set in… Continue reading Basil Oil Recipe

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Summer Salad Recipe

In the late summer I find so many good deals on fresh ingredients from the farmers market that I often over buy and do not know how to incorporate it all into my meals. Fresh salsa, fruit salads, roasted veggies, so many options! I thought I would share a super simple recipe that you can… Continue reading Summer Salad Recipe

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Blackened Cod with Avocado Cream Recipe

Ingredients Carrot matchsticks 1 Cucumber 1 Avocado 2 servings of Cod 1/2 cup Heavy Cream Salt and Pepper tsp of Lemon Juice Cajun Spice Blend   How To: Pat dry Cod with paper towel and season with the Cajun spice blend, and set aside while your pan heats up.  You can use any fish you… Continue reading Blackened Cod with Avocado Cream Recipe