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Preserving Garden Fresh Basil

Planting a row of basil in my kitchen garden gave me plenty of fresh leaves during the summer months for immediate use. It is so delightful to pick my own organic vegetables and herbs straight from the garden to the kitchen. The flavors cannot be any better. Trying to save these garden fresh herb flavors for… Continue reading Preserving Garden Fresh Basil


Reduced Salt Half-Sour Fermented Deli Pickles

Laboring in my garden and harvesting my own food is rewarding. What is not rewarding is when I open a jar of my own fermented pickles and spit them out in disgust. That is what happened to me when I tried various pickling recipes found on the internet. For me they are way to salty, inedible for my palette.… Continue reading Reduced Salt Half-Sour Fermented Deli Pickles