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No-Till Kitchen Garden-Season 3 Update

It's early April here in Michigan and I wanted to give an update on the no-till kitchen garden that I started three years ago.  "I couldn't be happier with the results!" The photos below show how the garden looks today. I have not done anything to this space since I added additional layers of leaves… Continue reading No-Till Kitchen Garden-Season 3 Update

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“Glee-tritious”-Finding great joy cooking from winter greens

It's true, I made that word up. Finding a word to communicate all the delicate nuances wrapped up into entering a winter garden is no easy task. The happiness of picking something in deep winter, taking it into the kitchen and cooking it up is very special, not to mention nutritious.  After recycling a temporary carport and turning it into a hoop… Continue reading “Glee-tritious”-Finding great joy cooking from winter greens

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Fire Cider-Organic Recipe

Boost your Immune System with this powerful immune boosting tonic! Before it freezes here in Michigan I gather up extra snippets of herbs, harvest the horseradish, pick the reddest hot peppers I can find for a cold and flu tonic that is sure to make hair curl. Vinegar based herbal tonics are not a new invention and are highly adaptable and… Continue reading Fire Cider-Organic Recipe

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Preserving Garden Fresh Basil

Planting a row of basil in my kitchen garden gave me plenty of fresh leaves during the summer months for immediate use. It is so delightful to pick my own organic vegetables and herbs straight from the garden to the kitchen. The flavors cannot be any better. Trying to save these garden fresh herb flavors for… Continue reading Preserving Garden Fresh Basil

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Calendula infused Oil

What is Calendula? Calendula (calendula officinalis) is a plant originating from the Mediterranean region and is sometimes called pot marigold. However it is different from the marigolds found at plant nurseries in the USA. Calendula has been prized for centuries for it's healing capabilities. Calendula, is a genus of about 15–20 species of annual and perennial herbaceous plants… Continue reading Calendula infused Oil


Easy Bath Cleanse

Today is the day you decide never to take a "normal" bath again! If you have the time to take a bath then make that worth the time it takes! There are SO many ways to take a bath to serve your body's needs at that moment. Need to detox? Take a ginger bath. Need… Continue reading Easy Bath Cleanse

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Drinking Sunshine: Calendula Tea

Organic Calendula tea on a cold winter’s day does not come without preparation unless you are buying it. As I sip on the hot tea looking through the pile of seed catalogs that have been arriving since the new year I smile, recalling this past summers kitchen garden. Calendula a plant that will bring plenty of… Continue reading Drinking Sunshine: Calendula Tea