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3 best Alternatives to Dryer Sheets

I have had horrible itchy reactions to dryer sheets in the past, so I decided to do some research on what they are made of.  My skin is sensitive and I found out that dryer sheets are full of chemicals that can cause reactions and other health issues.  I wanted to share with you a short… Continue reading 3 best Alternatives to Dryer Sheets


Easy Bath Cleanse

Today is the day you decide never to take a "normal" bath again! If you have the time to take a bath then make that worth the time it takes! There are SO many ways to take a bath to serve your body's needs at that moment. Need to detox? Take a ginger bath. Need… Continue reading Easy Bath Cleanse


Lavender Unicorn Hair DIY

I have been rocking purple hair for awhile now so I thought I would give a tutorial on how to temporarily color your hair.  Before getting the color you see here I had my hair lightened by a professional in a salon.  You can do this tutorial without bleaching your hair at all, the color… Continue reading Lavender Unicorn Hair DIY