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DIY Unicorn Horn Ring Holder

I now have a wonderful little place to set all my ring when I am not wearing them because of this fun DIY!  You can create an adorable ring holder with Air Dry clay and some acrylic paint, its super easy and fun! Supplies: Air Dry Clay Acrylic Paint Paint Brush Modge Podge Glitter How… Continue reading DIY Unicorn Horn Ring Holder


DIY Bubble Bars

If you have ever been to LUSH than you have seen a bubble bar.  If you haven't been to LUSH let me explain to you about this awesome product. A bubble bar is a crumbly bar that when added to a warm bath, turns your ordinary bath into an amazing, good smelling, colorful bubble bath! They are similar… Continue reading DIY Bubble Bars


Lavender Unicorn Hair DIY

I have been rocking purple hair for awhile now so I thought I would give a tutorial on how to temporarily color your hair.  Before getting the color you see here I had my hair lightened by a professional in a salon.  You can do this tutorial without bleaching your hair at all, the color… Continue reading Lavender Unicorn Hair DIY