Lavender Unicorn Hair DIY

I have been rocking purple hair for awhile now so I thought I would give a tutorial on how to temporarily color your hair.  Before getting the color you see here I had my hair lightened by a professional in a salon.  You can do this tutorial without bleaching your hair at all, the color will come out different but it still should show up some, it will just be more subtle.  I did try this on a friend who had medium to dark brown hair and the color came through really well.  I am not a professional so if you are worried about the health of your hair and want to make sure it’s done right, you can go to a salon and they should be able to get you where you want without hurting your hair too much.

I use manic panic dyes because they are temporary and they do not require you to use developer at all.  It is basically like a conditioner that you put in your hair so it shouldn’t be damaging, because there are no harsh chemicals.  I get headaches from smelling hair dye so its really nice to use something that doesn’t smell awful.  It lasts about 2-4 weeks on my hair which in my opinion is a good amount of time, usually after that I am  bored of the color(how long it will last varies for different hair types). It’s a fun way to switch up your hair that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars and doesn’t damage your hair.  

Here are my results:

Lavender hair
Badly braided by myself, I need my sisters here to braid my hair!
Lavender hair


  • Mixing bowl
  • Brush applicator
  • Gloves (unless you want purple hands too!)
  • Manic Panic Hair dye( I used Ultra Viloet) 
  • Conditioner (Use this if you want more of a pastel color on lighter hair)
  • A Friend

Tip: You can find Manic Panic at Sally’s beauty supply stores or online.  They have so many different colors its awesome!


Step 1: Add a good amount of conditioner to your mixing bowl and about 2 spoon fulls of the dye.  Make sure to mix up enough for how long your hair is.  Mine is medium length so I used about ⅓ a cup of conditioner and the 2 spoon fulls of color. You want to make sure you cover all of your hair so it’s okay if you make too much.

Step 2: Have a friend apply the color all over your dry hair, I usually section mine off and do it that way so I don’t miss any parts. You can also do this by yourself its just hard to get everything perfect without another person.  You should also comb through the hair until its a little frothy and it makes sure you got all of your hair covered.

Step 3: I let mine sit for about 45 minutes.  You can cover it with a bag if you want but its not really necessary. 

Step 4: Rinse your hair, if you use colder water it will leave more color in your hair, warmer water will pull more of the color out.

Step 5: Dry your hair, and you are all done!

Here is a link to the how to guide from their website, I would suggest reading up on the product before using it.  I really like the color I get when I use this brand, I have tried others but this is the best price and best result for me.  I also think it’s a good idea to do a strand test on the dye to see if you will like it.  This is a fun idea to use with kids too for the summer, add some color to their hair and by the time school roles around it should be all washed out.  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! 


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