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DIY Car Fresheners

You can use essential oils to freshen your home using a diffuser. But how do you get those fantastic scents to the car where (at least for me) most my headaches seem to start. When the baby is crying, the toddler needs to use the bathroom, and the ice cream is melting in the trunk and you want… Continue reading DIY Car Fresheners

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DIY Carpet Freshener

I've been slowly cutting out chemicals in our household. Not only is it safer but wow is it cheaper! Cleaning green is not as hard as it sounds but does take a little more thought than buying something off the shelf. One of the things I like to use is carpet refresher but what's exactly… Continue reading DIY Carpet Freshener

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DIY Headache Balm

Its allergy season here in North Carolina and I get so many headaches from allergies.  I usually use a little bit of peppermint oil to relieve my headaches but it can be a pain to find a carrier oil and then mix it before applying.  I decided to make up a batch of headache balm… Continue reading DIY Headache Balm


DIY Coconut Oil Body Butter

I love using coconut oil on my skin but its always hard to use.  Its either rock hard or completely melted. This DIY shows how you can make coconut oil manageable for however you want to use it. Supplies: Hand Mixer and Bowl Coconut Oil Optional: Extra moisturizing oils like Argan oil Your Favorite Essential… Continue reading DIY Coconut Oil Body Butter

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Essential Oil Blend for Headaches: DIY Roller

I have sinus headaches constantly because of my year round allergies.  One way I get through it instead of taking ibuprofen and tons of allergy medications( these all make my drowsy even non drowsy medication) is to use essential oils.  Peppermint is my go to oil because it helps me the most with headaches and… Continue reading Essential Oil Blend for Headaches: DIY Roller

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3 best Alternatives to Dryer Sheets

I have had horrible itchy reactions to dryer sheets in the past, so I decided to do some research on what they are made of.  My skin is sensitive and I found out that dryer sheets are full of chemicals that can cause reactions and other health issues.  I wanted to share with you a short… Continue reading 3 best Alternatives to Dryer Sheets