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DIY Car Fresheners

You can use essential oils to freshen your home using a diffuser. But how do you get those fantastic scents to the car where (at least for me) most my headaches seem to start. When the baby is crying, the toddler needs to use the bathroom, and the ice cream is melting in the trunk and you want to be home to turn on the Stress Away essential oils (get yours here).

All this car craziness calls for DIY action and my hot glue gun was ready to go. I grabbed a few cloths pins from my hamper, pulled apart a fake flower, and got busy.

After all that gluing I clipped my pretty flower creation on the car vent, pointed the vent at my face, dropped on a few drops of peppermint oil, and turneIMG_20170715_102359371_HDRd on the air full blast.

As chance would have it I stopped by my local dollar store and found some beautiful butterflies and thought they would be perfect for a car diffuser. When I got home and opened the package, prepared to glue it to a cloths pin, I found they already had a little clip on the back and they were ready to go.

All my little creations I gave away as gifts to my other oily friends just to spread the joy of beautiful scents in the car.

Happy Questing!

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