NaNoWriMo & the Season of Joy

Like Christmas presents, I’ve been wrapping up the loose ends on my stories for National Novel Writing Month. I am not a “winner” coming short of the fifty thousand words needed.

However, I feel like a winner.

Why? Because I’ve been writing. I’ve been proving to myself that with two tiny children I can do this. I have beautiful stories that excite others. I can find the time to do something that I love. I even finished a story (shorter than expected but done!) and began a new one.

What about you?

It doesn’t matter if you “won.” Did you write? Was it more often or with greater velocity than in the past? Did you make new comrades wielding pen and keyboard? I hope so. 

So let’s give ourselves permission this holiday season to admit to relatives, “Yes, I’m writing.” And say with a hint of excitement, “Yes, it’s going well.” Because the definition of well is if you are fulfilling your inner joy of getting words down.

So send out those Christmas cards labeled “JOY” on the front and write a longhand note because you’re a writer and those cards count towards your words for the day!

Keep writing and finding joy this season.

Happy Questing!


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