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DIY Veggie Bag

You pick out your veggies and put them in a bag. Which then goes into the grocery bag. When you get home you put that first bag into a garbage bag. At this point I’m feeling like I’m being punked. What’s the point of all the bags and can I change it? I know veggies are good for my family but their needs to be a way to buy them without hurting the environment too.

Like most of you I’ve already switched to reusable grocery bags and it’s working great when I remember to bring them. What about the other two bags though?

While I haven’t figured out the garbage bag portion yet I can do something about the veggie bag. The dilemma is I need something both sturdy and very light weight as most produce is purchased by weight at my grocery store. Lightweight and durable are not two pairs in a pod usually.

I happened to purchase some little mandarin oranges (Hallo’s or Cuties). They have that orange mesh bag… great another bag… but this one is durable and it’s light.  Bingo!

I cut off the label first careful to not cut the mesh. Next I cut one end where the tag was sewn in and cut it off creating a hole. This is where you take out all your oranges of course.

Pulling out my sewing machine and some leftover 1″ bias tape I sewed an edge onto the bag. I added two handles and ta-da! You have a nice veggie bag you can re-use again and again.

Hopefully, it will last a few trips and when I buy more little oranges I’ll be sure to save the mesh and make another bag. Slowly, I’ll create my own fleet of veggie bags. Lets take our love for the environment and our love for crafting and solve a piece of this puzzle starting at home.

Happy Questing!

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