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Creating While Waiting

My cookbook has been on submission for a few months now. I’ve run the gamut of emotions. I’m starting to feel like those bouncy balloons kids pummel back and forth endlessly. I wanted something to happen.

Then I had a breakthrough.

I’m not in control.

That fact is positive, good even.

If things had happened right away I would have missed out on four new stories I’ve written. I’d have missed over fifty critiques where I had the joy of helping others with their stories. I’d have spent way less time with my family. I (most likely) wouldn’t have an established exercise routine. I would’ve spent less time catching up with old and new friends. I could go on with all the amazing things that have been happening while “waiting” this summer.

Waiting has made this the summer full of creative abandon and I love it.

So wherever you are in writing or even in life, if you are in a time of transition let’s wait together. Let’s take all those little moments and stack them up into a mountain of joy. Let’s seize this moment of waiting as the time to reconnect, learn new things, and make more art.

Happy Questing!


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