Hello from Writing Camp- Kids Edition

I wanted to write a post that would demonstrate how kind and creative these kids at writing camp have been this past week. Turns out they wanted to tell you themselves. So I’m going to step aside today and give you all the wisdom, insights, and art they want to share with the world. This will be the first published piece for many of these kids. Let’s cheer them on. Please comment with encouraging words!

Eat pizza   -Ezra

Be your own hero! -Abby, Liberty, Taylor, Nacole, & Joelle



If you want to fit in, be yourself. -Isabel



Don’t litter!  -Caleb








I practice synchronized eating each day -Andrew



How to Make Strawberry Shortcake by Elizabeth


  1. Pick fresh strawberries.
  2. Boil them with sugar and water.
  3. Take angel food mini cakes
  4. Put strawberries on top.


“Don’t Let a mistake get you down.” -E.J.S.




Roblox is the best video game ever. -Joey







Adopting cats is best! -Peter





Drive dirt bikes -James


Kids are the best. Several of the poems completed at class are going to be submitted for publication as well. Many of the longer books both started and finished will be treasured for years to come. Do you have a teacher, class, or moment that foreshadowed your writing today? I know I do.

A huge THANK YOU! To Alvah N. Blending Library for hosting this wonderful event.

Happy Questing!

3 thoughts on “Hello from Writing Camp- Kids Edition”

  1. These look like fabulous works! I love the great advice about fitting in. I am also very intrigued to learn more about synchronized eating. Excellent work young authors!


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