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My Plastic Life-Why I am saying “NO” to Plastics


For a while now, I have been fighting the war against plastics. A war that each of us will in time need to embrace. I can remember when the milk that my Mom purchased for me to consume came in cardboard cartons or glass bottles.

In the 1970s something happened during my childhood that forever changed my world. It was downgraded by plastics.

Plastics replaced glass and paper food containers at the grocery store. Diet foods and plastics became this new easier way of life. Industry robbed us of quality products and replaced them with junky breakable plastics. Advertisements designed to sell, convinced us.

Looking back I see how this generation has been plundered of a wholesome life by living without everyday organic products.

There are other reasons too. Like what it is doing to our environment, wildlife and the oceans. Scientists are just now realizing that we have forever contaminated our world with plastics. I watch videos like this one, and it grieves my heart. I am now purposefully designing my life around the idea that I need to eliminate as much plastics from my everyday habits as I can.

Plastics have now worked their way into our food supply and it is wrecking havoc with our health and environment.

Here are 8 basic starting points to begin this battle with me

  1. Consciously shop for non-plastic items. Begin to educate yourself on the extent that we live and breath plastics. I was in disbelief when I first started looking into what ordinary everyday products contain plastics like fabrics that we wear, cosmetics, chewing gum, sun screens and toothpaste. Study up on the effects of plastics on your health.
  2. When it’s time to replace an item in your home that was made with plastic, choose an organic option instead. Recycle what you can.
  3. Start with one room like the kitchen. Remove all plastic dishes, storage containers, plastic wraps, mixing bowls and utensils and replace them with ceramic, glass, wood, bamboo or stainless steel. Keep at it, month after month. As you use a product up replace it with unplastic organic items.
  4. Refuse plastic grocery bags. Buy a set of reusable bags or make your own from fabric.
  5. Stop buying water in plastic bottles. Learn to filter your own water and store it is glass water bottles.
  6. Start making your own drinks and stop buying soda pops in plastic bottles. Naturally fermented ginger-ale or kombucha is easy to make and healthy. Store these in reusable flop-top glass bottles.
  7. Learn to make & preserve your own foods. It is healthier and satisfying. Store unused food in non-plastic reusable containers with bamboo tops, or use waxed paper or brown paper bags.
  8. Find some friends that want to join this battle with you. Facebook has a page for people who want to make a difference.


Plastics have come with a big price. A price most ordinary consumers didn’t see coming. After all, we rely on our governments to protect us and the environment from dangers such as these. Unfortunately, plastics take thousands of years to break down and the high levels of plastics in landfills and our waterways paint a rather bleak picture for the future.

Join the fight.



2 thoughts on “My Plastic Life-Why I am saying “NO” to Plastics”

  1. I’m joining the fight! We started drinking out of glass exclusively and I can’t believe how different the water tastes. I also just was talking with Amber about how Bryce and I are going to try to buy exclusively natural organic fabrics. Our wardrobes will take a while to change though because natural clothing is pretty expensive. You might like this website: =]


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