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DIY Calendula Lotion Bars

Tis the season of dry skin and my hands are no exception. Taking care of our hands as writers is important.  I've had a jar of oil infused with calendula flowers sitting in my cupboard for about a year so it's ready to use for this very purpose. What is calendula? It's a flower, easy… Continue reading DIY Calendula Lotion Bars

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Basil Oil Recipe

Ingredients 2 bunches of basil Boiling water Ice bath Oil strainer with cheese cloth or fine mesh strainer Oil container How To Take your basil, leave it whole on the stems, the stems will add color and some flavor to the oil.  Blanch the basil for 20 seconds in boiling water and then set in… Continue reading Basil Oil Recipe


Facial Cleanse

I have been using Rosehip oil on my face every night before bed as a moisturizer, toner, healer, and cleanser. I recently added a new oil to my collection, sandalwood. Every 2 weeks, or month, or however often you need it, treat your face to a cleanse. This cleanse will clear the skin of dirt,… Continue reading Facial Cleanse