Facial Cleanse

I have been using Rosehip oil on my face every night before bed as a moisturizer, toner, healer, and cleanser. I recently added a new oil to my collection, sandalwood.

Every 2 weeks, or month, or however often you need it, treat your face to a cleanse. This cleanse will clear the skin of dirt, black heads, and improve your complexion.


Castor oil is excellent at bring out the dirt, grime, and left over makeup. Sandalwood is also good for black heads, dark spots, uneven skin tone, and blemishes. Both help as an anti-aging remedy, sun protector, moisturizer, and a clear skin toner. I would not recommend using castor oil as much as every week, as it can actually help with oilier type skin tones, however, if you already have dry skin then add some rosehip oil to this routine.

First, put your hair up. The last thing you want is hair sticking all over your face as castor oil and sandalwood are not thin oils.


Next, take about a quarter size of castor oil, and 5-8 drops of sandalwood oil in the palm of your hand. Massage this into your face, it should feel thick.

After your face is ready, boil some water in a pan. The more steam the better!

Lastly, remove the pan from the stove,  take a towel from your bathroom and put it over your head to let the steam roll over your face. I did not stand super close, or enclosed in the steam as it was very hot. Take caution and stand where you are comfortable. The heat from the steam will draw work with the oils to draw out any dirt or grime, and loosen up your pores.


Then you can take a wash cloth, and dip it into warm water, and slowly rub off any excess oil. Once I was done I took a small amount of rosehip oil and massaged it into my face for moister as Castor Oil tends to leave my skin feeling more dry. The best thing about rosehip oil is that it does not seem like an oil at all, it soaks into the skin so beautifully, and makes your face feel so soft.

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