Low Cost Natural Garden Arbor

Last year my no till layered garden had a problem, and it wasn’t weeds. It was prolific abundance of vining melons and squash running willy-nilly. This year I decided to plant these vining fruits to grow up an Arbor to save space. After doing some research looking into manufactured arbors I decided that the cost of buying one wasn’t something I had budgeted for. So with some simple hand tools and a pile of sticks I began this mornings project.

What I used:

  • long sticks from the woodlot
  • twine or zip ties
  • hand saw
  • drill & screws
  • pruning snippers
  • shovel
  • 2lb sledge hammer

Begin by assembling your sticks. Use sticks of similar size. I gathered enough to make the project. Decide how tall and wide you want it by laying the pattern on the ground. Use this one as a size guide to make all the rest of the supports. I used twine to temporarily hold things together.

Dig some holes for the legs to go in evenly spacing them out. Its important that the arbor is sturdy to hold the weight of the melons and squash. I hammered in stakes at each leg post and secured with a screw. I also screwed in place each teepee support to the horizontal support. At this point it still seemed wobbly. So I added two diagonal interior supports from the top corners to the ground. This made the structure very sturdy and took out the wobble.

I finished it up by screwing horizontal branches on the arbor. I left all the little twigs and branches on these to give the plants something to attach to. Finally trim off twigs or branches that stick out into the garden area or twined some together to hold them into place. Cost of project: a few cents in screws.  Everything I used I had on hand.

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