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The Call!

I know I’m deviating from my regularly scheduled day but I can’t contain my excitement!


I saw a #MSWL post asking for a kids cookbook proposal and freaked out. I’ve watched the #MSWL feed for three years and no one has ever asked for a kids cookbook. So I jumped on it, taking my idea, and making a mini proposal packet. I hit send, and waited.

But not for long. By the end of the day and after a few ambiguous tweets, I found out she loved my cookbook idea. I’m over the moon! We emailed and scheduled a call to discuss more details. We had an amazing phone call and by the end of it we had a plan.

I’ve signed with Aften Brook Szymanski at Golden Wheat Literary!

My next step is to gather data about my friends (YOU!) regarding cookbooks. So we made a quick survey it’s under 10 questions and will take you less than a minute to fill out.

Take my Saucy Survey here. 

Thank you so much in advance and I can’t wait to keep you in the loop as I continue my writing journey.

Happy Questing!



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