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Q-Kids: Chicken Coop Club Story #2

Week two of the Chicken Coop Club is now live! New feature this week is an audio reading of the full story. So print off the FREE activity page and listen to my story while you play with your kids. This week's story is about the game of BINGO! I hope you enjoy it. Happy… Continue reading Q-Kids: Chicken Coop Club Story #2

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10 Reading Quotes to Fall In Love With

Oftentimes someone has said what I wish to say far more eloquently than I ever could. So today I'm going to let others way in on reading. I hope you enjoy these quotes as much as I do. I'm also going to take Bill's advice as the weather is dreary to a fault. So cheers… Continue reading 10 Reading Quotes to Fall In Love With

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Writing & Parenting: A Juggling Act

I have two young kids, neither of them are in school yet, and let me say it's hard to find time for creative endeavors. By the end of the day I'm too tired to think. In the morning even the littlest peep will wake them early. What's a parent to do? All hail quiet time!… Continue reading Writing & Parenting: A Juggling Act


Expanding Vocabulary Or Not…

I had admiral goals when I stated to my critique partner that I wanted to expand my vocabulary. The issue was in execution. Read the dictionary, was the first thing we thought of. Then realized that retention of those words would be dismal. We'd have to create an exercise to make the words become organic… Continue reading Expanding Vocabulary Or Not…


Finding Your Picture Book’s Place

So you a have the most wonderful, adorable, unique idea for a picture book. Great! But what kind of picture book is it? Does it matter? Yes, it really does matter if you are planning on sending those words out into the world. First, you'll need to decide on the age range of your story.… Continue reading Finding Your Picture Book’s Place


Using Arc Beyond Characters

I've talked about character before but I'm going deeper this time. Have you ever thought about giving a character like arc to things that technically are not characters? Did I just lose you? What I'm getting at is that characters are not the only ones that change within a story. At least they shouldn't be… Continue reading Using Arc Beyond Characters


The Chemistry of Critique Partners

The elusive and rare critique partner. Nearly impossible to find in the wild but possible to create? Let's experiment, can a good beta reader or writer friend become an excellent critique partner? You've heard the old adage to have a friend you must be a friend? Same goes for critique partners. Best place to start is… Continue reading The Chemistry of Critique Partners


How Writing Groups Can Help You

Guest Post by Lori M. Myers "I just want to thank..." No, this isn't an Oscar speech. It's a shout out to my writing groups on my book's dedication page. My success and persistence as a writer wouldn't be possible without them. So let me ask you this: Are you shy about sharing your work… Continue reading How Writing Groups Can Help You


Magic Realism Is Not

A relatively new term has been popping up all over the publishing realm, Magic Realism. But what exactly is magic realism? And is the classic definition what agents and publishers really want? If you do a quick GoodReads search for magic realism books you will get a haphazard collection of works. Whether or not these are classified… Continue reading Magic Realism Is Not