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Writing & Parenting: A Juggling Act

I have two young kids, neither of them are in school yet, and let me say it’s hard to find time for creative endeavors. By the end of the day I’m too tired to think. In the morning even the littlest peep will wake them early. What’s a parent to do?

All hail quiet time!

I had always dismissed this idea as only one of my kids still napped. But after trying it for a few months, I’m sold.

After lunch my youngest usually takes a nap. So while she naps I have the older one play quietly in her room. She has plenty of options and we both get a few minutes away from each other. It’s heavenly.

Here are some tips to get your kid to buy into this idea:

  • Have fun options that are only available during rest time like blocks, a special movie, legos, coloring, or even weaving.
  • Use a CD or tape to keep time. I have stories on tape, I taught her how to flip the tape, and she has to listen to two whole stories before she can be done with rest time.
  • Admit that YOU need a break. It’s not a punishment. It’s the child helping you by giving everyone a rest.

I hope these tips help you establish a quiet time where you can write, read, or just exist for an hour to recharge.

Happy Questing!

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