This week has forced me, literally, to take a rest. It has shown me how to look for balance. While I'm not emotionally prepared to go into what happened this week I do know one thing, humans need balance. A balance between creativity, hustle, and rest. I've been able to read Called To Create by Raynor some… Continue reading Balance

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Writing & Parenting: A Juggling Act

I have two young kids, neither of them are in school yet, and let me say it's hard to find time for creative endeavors. By the end of the day I'm too tired to think. In the morning even the littlest peep will wake them early. What's a parent to do? All hail quiet time!… Continue reading Writing & Parenting: A Juggling Act

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Get your creativity flowing again

When your creativity flows more like a slow trickle instead of a gushing waterfall, it’s time to rest. I could be poetic and say something like… Creativity is an ever-flowing waterfall. Whether it’s trickling or gushing, it’s always running. Until it stops... But I’m too tired for that right now. I’ve been working A LOT… Continue reading Get your creativity flowing again