The Search for Sincerity

We all seek a genuine and fully original experience. We want our interactions to be sincere and without secret agenda. But is it possible? We are all online for different reasons, to gain something. Outside of God and sometimes the church is it possible to find true sincerity and love? I'd argue no. But we… Continue reading The Search for Sincerity



This week has forced me, literally, to take a rest. It has shown me how to look for balance. While I'm not emotionally prepared to go into what happened this week I do know one thing, humans need balance. A balance between creativity, hustle, and rest. I've been able to read Called To Create by Raynor some… Continue reading Balance


Un-gifting Perfectionism

I'm prepping and planning for the most joyful day of the year, today, Christmas. The goal in my mind is the perfect event: the kids will be adorable, the food delicious, my look flawless. But it won't be. Never totally is, at least in my mind. I made this confession to my Bible study buddy… Continue reading Un-gifting Perfectionism

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Letting Go of Perfect

Some days I'm convinced perfectionism is a shape shifter. As I edit my drafts and continue down this writing path I get more and more 'finished' projects. At least I think they are finished, till I read them again a week or two later. What happened to my perfect project? Why do I hate the… Continue reading Letting Go of Perfect