The Search for Sincerity

We all seek a genuine and fully original experience. We want our interactions to be sincere and without secret agenda.

But is it possible?

We are all online for different reasons, to gain something. Outside of God and sometimes the church is it possible to find true sincerity and love?

I’d argue no. But we can find honesty and sometimes sincerity when our goals line up perhaps. So lets readjust our view of why we are here.

We all want something: followers, friendship, community.

None of these are bad. Instead let’s acknowledge that and instead of playing numbers and follows games let be honest and say we can’t care 100% of the time. But, as a group, some of us can care some of the time. The more support and community the more we can share the burden to care.

Don’t get sucked into thinking you can do it all.

You can’t have a 100% online life and also a real life one. There isn’t enough time in the day for both.

No one can be online all the time. No one can see all the posts.

Instead, do what you can and when you’re not online don’t feel guilty. Be present in your real life over perfect in an digital life.

Happy Questing!

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