What it’s like being on TV

If I had to sum it all up in one word it’d be FAST! I had a four minute segment and it went by in what felt like thirty seconds. But that’s near the end of the story. If you’re on the fence about TV or just plain curious here’s how it went for me.

I showed up far earlier than I needed to. It was good because I knew I wouldn’t be late. It was bad because I had to sit there and think about it. Then look at the clock. Then think about it more. Pick your poison on that front or arrive right on time.

Watch my segment on My West Michigan.

I highly recommend bringing your biggest fan with you.  My hubby came with me and I would’ve been freaking out if not for him. He also helped me carry in all my pans, ingredients, and even a cute basil plant. He also prompted me to keep moving when I felt glued to the floor with indecision.

I brought double what I needed for my recipe and spent some of my time making the whole recipe so I had something to display during the demo. It helped me focus and keep it real. I also realized a forgot some things… so make a list and check it twice!

Who knew I needed to bring my own water to boil pasta with?!

The bathrooms are incredibly well lit. Those bubble light mirror combos are no joke. I felt so movie star that I panicked and looked for a different bathroom to use.

When things go live the whole building gets quiet and these yellow strobe lights circle each room. So if you weren’t acutely aware of going on TV before you can’t forget it now.

Everything I prepped was on a rolling counter! When it was time for my segment they wheeled me in. Turned on my microphone (yes I had a mic fished through my shirt). On that note make sure you where an outfit a mic can clip onto. The burner was working on a propane tank. It was a sweet set up.

The anchorwomen was stunning and also excellent at her job. She told me a humorous cooking story to calm me down. It was a moment in my head I knew I was being manipulated and it’s exactly what I needed to move past my fear. After that, four minutes felt like a quick jump off a bridge and then it was done. They wheeled out the counter. I returned my mic and cleaned up.


Getting into the parking lot and feeling the sunshine on my skin made me remember that the world didn’t stop like I thought it had. The sun kept doing its thing along with everyone else. I don’t feel any different and I’m so glad. It was a fun and adrenaline packed hour that, with a better checklist, I’d do again.

Happy Questing!



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