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The Good, The Bad, & The Changes

I've had the opportunity through my amazing agency Golden Wheat Literary to be working through a marketing series. The goal is to get a better grasp on our audience and make our efforts line up across our platforms. While it sounds like a less than fun experience I've actually had a realization this week. I… Continue reading The Good, The Bad, & The Changes


“You charge for so few words!?”

"You charge for so few words!?" Says so many folks who are looking for copy writing services. While I love the agency I work through for copy writing (and they would never make a statement like this) I've heard this line so often from those outside the writing business. Let's be really clear. Writing short,… Continue reading “You charge for so few words!?”


The Search for Sincerity

We all seek a genuine and fully original experience. We want our interactions to be sincere and without secret agenda. But is it possible? We are all online for different reasons, to gain something. Outside of God and sometimes the church is it possible to find true sincerity and love? I'd argue no. But we… Continue reading The Search for Sincerity


What it’s like being on TV

If I had to sum it all up in one word it'd be FAST! I had a four minute segment and it went by in what felt like thirty seconds. But that's near the end of the story. If you're on the fence about TV or just plain curious here's how it went for me.… Continue reading What it’s like being on TV


Not What I Meant To Write…

Well I touched on this in my last post but I signed my agent not for a fiction picture book but for a non-fiction kid's cookbook. Huh? Yep... Now before you say, "Wait! You can't write non-fiction!" Let me break it down for you. I've spent years honing my writing skills for brevity, clarity, and… Continue reading Not What I Meant To Write…


Manuscript Master List

A year ago if you'd asked me how I track my submissions I would've said Query Tracker or nothing. Literally, I had nothing else. If you've used Query Tracker it's a great platform for finding an agent, less so for a publisher let alone a magazine submission. So here I am a dozen months and… Continue reading Manuscript Master List

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DIY T-Shirt Stencil Art

Grab your freezer paper and fabric paint because we are going to use it to makeover a  t-shirt! My sister gave me a magnet that had the Quest Type logo on it and that got me thinking that I should make a shirt with our logo on it.  Freezer paper makes this DIY super easy and… Continue reading DIY T-Shirt Stencil Art


100 Posts and Counting: aka The Benefits of Blogging

While our combined Quest Type posts are topping over 250, this post will officially be my 100th. Part of me is so excited to still be doing this and another part of me thinks I maybe type too much. Regardless, I hope you are getting as much out of these posts as I am. But… Continue reading 100 Posts and Counting: aka The Benefits of Blogging

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DIY Hand Embroidered Watercolor Shoes

After making the DIY Galaxy Shoes I fell in love with the process of making art on canvas shoes.  It's so much fun to create and also to wear around! We have a Walmart across the street from us and, I admit, we go there sometimes. At my last visit I found canvas shoes, they are… Continue reading DIY Hand Embroidered Watercolor Shoes


Competition versus Contest

Have you ever felt no matter how hard you work at it your writing it never seems to come out on top? Agents reject your prose, your Twitter pitches stagnate unheard, and editors point out a lack of sparkle. Take heart, writing is a contest not a competition. According to here is the definition… Continue reading Competition versus Contest

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Death to Stock Photos!

No more stock pictures! Chant it with me! Not only do stock photos cost money but they are marginally relevant to your post. Who's with me? Howrah! Before we charge off into battle together let's get our gear in order so we can take down this photo monster with minimal damage to ourselves. Get your gear:… Continue reading Death to Stock Photos!


Four Month Blog Breakdown

It's been an exciting four months of blogging and we are so happy you are here checking in with us again! I wanted to share our year end status report for anyone who is interested in blogging and building a platform for whatever reason. The report shows the work put into the site in concrete… Continue reading Four Month Blog Breakdown