“You charge for so few words!?”

“You charge for so few words!?” Says so many folks who are looking for copy writing services. While I love the agency I work through for copy writing (and they would never make a statement like this) I’ve heard this line so often from those outside the writing business.

Let’s be really clear. Writing short, concise, sales language is extremely difficult.

I’ve been practicing writing “short” forms through my picture books for years. I have an advanced business degree. I’ve honed my skills with writing authentically through blogging. I’m creative and make a point to exercise my creativity to keep it sharp.

ALL of these things have VALUE.

So yes, I will charge for two sentences of sales copy. The writing brings in sales and that has value. What I’m getting at is YOU bring value so don’t undersell yourself. If a client asks for a rush job and it’s a holiday weekend you get to charge more for that time. Anyone working Thanksgiving gets paid time and a half. I recommend you charge accordingly. Don’t sell yourself short. 

Happy Questing!

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