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Letting Go of Perfect

Some days I’m convinced perfectionism is a shape shifter. As I edit my drafts and continue down this writing path I get more and more ‘finished’ projects. At least I think they are finished, till I read them again a week or two later.

What happened to my perfect project? Why do I hate the words I once loved so recently ago?

My view of perfect has shifted. Why?

  • One because I’m always learning. Always getting better at craft and, looking at my past stories chronologically, you can see my progress.
  • Second, because my experiences are always expanding. I gather ideas and thoughts from all around me which means what was inspiring to me a few weeks ago has lost it’s sparkle today.
  • Thirdly, because my creative energy has moved on. Meaning I’m in the midst of a new project and it holds my attention and it should!
  • Finally, because I’ve gotten feedback that may not be in line with my vision for the project. Feedback is subjective! Be true to the story you want to tell.

What we as creatives need to understand is each project is a building block to the creative future we want. Adding another block to the pile does make the silhouette shift into something new.

To battle this shape shifting perfectionism I’ve been putting my last version of my story into a separate folder and labeling the document TITLE-FINAL. Meaning I’m not to mess with it anymore. It’s done. It is ready to send into the world and let things fall as they may.

In the moment, I battle perfectionism by being fully convinced in my mind that my current project is the ONE. The one to get me an agent, a book deal, a best seller title. Whatever your next step in your journey be convinced that your current project will get you there. And if it doesn’t the next one will or the next.

Just don’t quit. Be in love with what you do each day. This will keep the shape shifting perfectionism at bay.

Happy Questing!

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