An Editor For That Mess-uscript

Each of us have strengths when it comes to evaluating writing. Do you know what yours are? Here are the types of editors. You can hire one and you can work on being one for yourself and others. Developmental Editor- looks for big picture problems like plot, structure, characters, pacing, and world building. Line Editor… Continue reading An Editor For That Mess-uscript


Activating Setting Within Story

Setting can be as shallow as the seasonal stream along the road or as bottomless as an ocean chasm. I've talked about setting before in another way and love how it was described at a KDL Conference I attended a year ago. These ideas build upon each other like a blocks. Master each level through… Continue reading Activating Setting Within Story

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Get your creativity flowing again

When your creativity flows more like a slow trickle instead of a gushing waterfall, it’s time to rest. I could be poetic and say something like… Creativity is an ever-flowing waterfall. Whether it’s trickling or gushing, it’s always running. Until it stops... But I’m too tired for that right now. I’ve been working A LOT… Continue reading Get your creativity flowing again


Capturing Ancient Faces: Character Desctiptions for Writers

Somehow ancient sculptors are able to translate a person's face, expression, life, into each piece of marble. Yet, somehow, when we write we limit ourselves to eyes, hair and height. A person is so much more. Real people have a soul and getting that onto your pages and into your characters is one of the… Continue reading Capturing Ancient Faces: Character Desctiptions for Writers


Example of Editor Awsomeness

If you haven't taken advantage of a professional editor, it's amazing what you can learn especially if you are trying to break in. I'd like to share an excerpt from my first chapter and I will cringe every time this post gets a view, so embarrassing. Here is my pre-edit from page one and I felt… Continue reading Example of Editor Awsomeness