An Editor For That Mess-uscript

Each of us have strengths when it comes to evaluating writing. Do you know what yours are? Here are the types of editors. You can hire one and you can work on being one for yourself and others.

  • Developmental Editor- looks for big picture problems like plot, structure, characters, pacing, and world building.
  • Line Editor – looks to improve your writing style, theme, and voice.
  • Copy Editor- looks to improve your sentence structure and grammar.
  • Proof Reader- looks for minor errors only, book is at point of being queried or published and getting nit picky down to commas.

I want to go one step further.

There are things you know or have experienced that others have not. For example, I’ve experienced a tornado that was all too close for comfort. While I have not written (don’t want to…) a story with tornadoes one of my writing friends is. I can provide details that their story may be lacking to lend authenticity to the story.

What bonus skills or experiences do you have that may be of help to your writing tribe?

If you are writing a story about a person that you do not have first hand experience with I would recommend you seek out someone who does, like a sensitivity editor. Do not assume that you can write a realistic character who is blind if you are not blind or live with someone who is. Go to the source, your readers will thank you.

Why does this matter? Because it will allow you to edit your work well in some ways and be able to help others (and get some help where you struggle). Knowing the types of help available is key to understanding your own needs.

Happy Questing!

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