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Show Don’t Tell: Passive Verbs

I've been writing for some time now and some of the advice that gets pushed around is "show don't tell." Which is fine advice but no one ever gives a practical way to accomplish this. So here it is. A way to move your sentences from passive into active and therefore show instead of tell.… Continue reading Show Don’t Tell: Passive Verbs


Example of Editor Awsomeness

If you haven't taken advantage of a professional editor, it's amazing what you can learn especially if you are trying to break in. I'd like to share an excerpt from my first chapter and I will cringe every time this post gets a view, so embarrassing. Here is my pre-edit from page one and I felt… Continue reading Example of Editor Awsomeness


‘Showing’ Character Description

Description should be like tasty nuggets of information readers cherry pick out of the pages before them. Not a nutritional paragraph of data they must swallow. This post is all about revising your words to get the more ‘show’ and less ‘tell’ in your character descriptions. For Secondary Characters: Too much description gets boring. The classic… Continue reading ‘Showing’ Character Description