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Writing Space Inspiration

I'm blessed enough to actually have a desk to do my writing at. I've got an eclectic collection of items chilling out around the space. I don't think there is a right or wrong way to spruce up a space but here is my general checklist: Something Alive- Besides myself I have a succulent tree… Continue reading Writing Space Inspiration

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Bravery is Not a Feeling

Bravery is an action. You heard me. It's what you do that gets you labeled brave. Your feelings are secret and no one knows you are quaking inside. To the world, you are doing something incredible. Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.      -Paulo Coelho Every time you write your story, your… Continue reading Bravery is Not a Feeling


Sweet Seven: A Picture Book Challenge

I'm fairly competitive and I also like teammates. So how's about a friendly challenge? For those of us writing picture books we have ideas floating around to infinity is seems, see last weeks post for more on that. So it hit me to put my ideas into a challenge. There are many ways to format… Continue reading Sweet Seven: A Picture Book Challenge


A Fish Full of Ideas

Many years ago I bought a metal fish used to hold papers, letters, whatever, at a yard sale. It was so handsome I couldn't part with him move after move. I found him this week as I looked through boxes sorting trash from treasure. I've talked about ideas before and I often liken ideas to… Continue reading A Fish Full of Ideas


Nature Writing 101

Guest Post by Janelle Franz blogging at Invent Your Story. I’m not a professor. Before you hit X, you need to know I did take a nature writing class in college. So, I am professionally taught. Right now, my butt is on a rock and an oak root is buddying up to my coffee mug.… Continue reading Nature Writing 101

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Anti To-Do List

I'm a sucker for a good to-do list. The kind that has the most menial task on it so I can have the joy of checking it off later. Washed the dishes- check. Brushed my hair- check (come-on I can't be the only one that struggles with that...). But what about all the things I… Continue reading Anti To-Do List


Writing Takeaways & Quotes

We are headed into year three of blogging and I can't help but remember where I've been as a writer, compare it to where I am now, and look at others wisdom in this area. For one blogging has made me a better writer, I try to write tight and concise to save readers time… Continue reading Writing Takeaways & Quotes


Where Do Ideas Come From?

I'll confess I love to brainstorm. I have far more ideas than I have time to write about. But if you look at my life in general it's pretty uneventful, most would consider it boring. Lets examine how I live. I'm a stay at home mom for one, I watch far more Disney than I… Continue reading Where Do Ideas Come From?


How Writing Groups Can Help You

Guest Post by Lori M. Myers "I just want to thank..." No, this isn't an Oscar speech. It's a shout out to my writing groups on my book's dedication page. My success and persistence as a writer wouldn't be possible without them. So let me ask you this: Are you shy about sharing your work… Continue reading How Writing Groups Can Help You


7 Ways to Find Inspiration

A Guest Post by Theresa Braun I started wondering where it was that I get my inspiration when I write. Here, I’ve come up with a list of things that have triggered my creativity. My hope is that you might find some additional ways to spark your own. Travel: Going to new places in one… Continue reading 7 Ways to Find Inspiration


Goal Setting

We are slowly approaching the end of the year, it's been a doozy. What will you be doing next year? I'm not necessarily talking about loosing that holiday weight, I mean for your life. How are you going to level up you? One way is to set a goal. We all have dreams. It's time to make… Continue reading Goal Setting


Living Intentionally

Many of us look back on time that has gone by with a fleeting feeling of anxiety. Wasn’t it just spring? What have I been doing all summer? Now is the time to live intentionally, not next week or next year-- Now. For me this feeling of lost time has hit me in the gut… Continue reading Living Intentionally