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On Assignment in Costa Rica

A Day off on a Mountain 5

Guest Photo Post by Sherry Rought, Costa Rica.

The beauties of Costa Rica are immense. I am in awe of nature here. The juxtaposition of nature and human activity is overwhelming. Leaving the city far behind to breathe deep of fresh mountain air is something that can bring restoration to my soul.

Venturing out onto Volcán Poás, at an altitude of around 8000 feet, to visit one of Costa Rica’s most visited parks, La Paz Waterfall Garden is always a treat. It makes a nice day trip from San Jose, but start off early in the morning. If you intend to visit the volcano, keep in mind that the park closes at 4 p.m.  Early morning viewing of the volcano is best  because it is often shrouded in mist, especially during rainy season. Best months to view the volcano are December-April.

Held a toucan,
touched a hummingbird
and breathed deep the mist of a grand waterfall,
had butterflies land on me,
rode in an ox cart,
stood in the pouring rain in the middle of a rain forest, hands held high in adoration,
and was engulfed in a cloud on a volcano.

An amazing day.

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