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Gift Guide for Writers

Here are some ideas I complied for gifts for writers. Some are practical, others are quirky but I hope you find some ideas you can use.

  1. Eat. Sleep. Write. Coffee Mug. Any coffee mug with a fun saying will work. A quick internet search turns up hundreds of options. Find this mug on Amazon.
  2. LED Ink Pen. Great for late night ideas when you don’t want to wake anyone. Find this on Amazon.
  3. My Weekend is Booked T-Shirt. A great option for a group game gift as well. Find this on Amazon.
  4. Novel Tea. If coffee is not your writers thing these tea bags are inscribed with fun writing quotes. Find this one Amazon.
  5. Unique Leather Book. These books come in a variety of colors, all are blank and can be refilled. Find these on Amazon.
  6. Edgar Allen Poe Car Freshener. This is defiantly quirky but worth it for a fun statement in the car, as well as some fresh air. Amazon.
  7. Aqua Notes. For the writer who has endless ideas in the shower. It’s better than having to be dictated to while they suds up. Find yours on Amazon.
  8. Scrivener. This is the most practical gift and a must have for any aspiring writer. It tracks references, organizes thoughts, and word press all in one. Best software available by download on Amazon.

Enjoy! Happy Holiday Gift Hunting!

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